The Diamond drilling rig fleet consists of late model, high capacity drill rigs fully compliant to Australian standards. The new drills are fitted out with the latest hands free remote operation and monitoring technology. All rigs and support equipment are mounted on all-wheel drive vehicles.

The unique LF350 can operate with automated drilling at shift changes and not only features hands-free rod handling but also incorporates an innovative retraction system that removes all hydraulic cylinders from the mast assembly. These are the most advanced diamond rigs in Australia and dramatically increase personnel safety and safe work practices.

McKay Drilling specialises in all aspects of Diamond drilling including but not limited to: PQ, HQ and NQ coring including triple tube, Remote Exploration, Resource Definition, Geotechnical Investigations, Environmental and Infrastructure Investigations including SPT testing and Push Tube sampling, Hydro Investigations including packer testing and VWP installations, Deep Hole Targeted Directional, Wedging and Navi Drilling.

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