A new Rig package joins our fleet!

Over the first weekend in October 2023, we mobilised Rig 1 – MKY001. Our newest addition to our growing fleet, bringing our total rig count up to 21.
It’s our 16th Schramm 685 rig and our 5th remote operable RC iRig. In line with one of our core values Innovation, the addition of this rig package demonstrates our commitment to providing state of the art equipment to our clients and teams in the field.
This rig is heading to conduct remote exploration drilling in the Pilbara. Paired with a mobile workshop loaded full of critical spares and tooling, 15,000L of bulk fuel capacity on the trailer and a star link satellite internet kit for remote diagnostics and drill monitoring at the rig. Instilling confidence that we continue to operate safely and efficiently.

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