A Superstar in the Field and Classroom

Congratulations to Kurt Elefsen for being the first person who has used the app-based learning platform with ACA Training and has successfully completed a qualification across all of their clients.

In his achievement, Kurt has upheld the McKay Drilling Company Values of Accountability and Performance.

Accountability behaviours demonstrated.

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Ownership

Performance behaviours demonstrated.

  • Efficiency
  • Endeavour
  • Perseverance

Comments from the CEO of ACA Training Peter Milne.

Right from the start I identified you as a ‘keeper’. Your positive attitude and approach has shone above all others. You are a credit to not only McKay Drilling, but the industry as a whole. I very much hope that Mckay recognises this and commends you accordingly.”

 “I get a lot of pleasure from a student who excels – something you have done to the highest degree.”

“On a final note; I have met many students over the years who have achieved the first step and then buttoned off because they ‘know it all’. Please do not be one of those. This is the first step in your career and moving to the next level will be equally as challenging. Enjoy the ride.”


Kurt has shown what is possible when you give 100% commitment to achieving your goals. When faced with roadblocks or problems Kurt made every effort to seek assistance and persevere, actively working to complete his qualification using his drive and dedication.

Kurt should be extremely proud of his achievements and the feedback from ACA Training and we hope he applies this throughout the rest of his drilling career.

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