Company Values Award – April 2022

Well Done to Rob Pollard – People & Accountability Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Rob Pollard. Over the Christmas period the Workshop as every year is inundated with assets returning from the field. Over this period, there were over 40 assets returning with separate issues, major supply issues with parts, new equipment being built also being an ongoing factor, on top of that staffing issues due to COVID. Through it all Rob has been able to rise above the issues and get the job done effectively and majority of it completed on time. With Rig 31 completed, being the last of the assets from the Christmas rush period it is the perfect time to reflect. It has been a very challenging year for the Maintenance team and Rob has managed the stress and workload effectively. Well Done and Thank You Rob!!

Well Done to Jack Reid – Accountability Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Jack Reid , for being conscientious and proactive, his planning for each day maximises productivity for not only himself but the crew. His participation in meetings and interactions has been positively recognised especially considering Jack has only been with McKay’s a short time. Keep up the great work!! 

Well Done to Derek Mabbott, Daniel Coombe & Megan Colameo – Accountability Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Derek, Daniel & Megan, for their efficient and effective participation in our FY22 year-end stock-take process during a busy period with several short weeks during the course of the month, along with staff shortages (Covid leave, Personal leave). Without hesitation, working and guiding the balance of the stock-take team, especially new starters, as well as liaising and accommodating external auditor requests. End result was a count completed within 2days. Recognition of a job well done!!

Well Done to Dominic Schlaepfer – Accountability Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Dominic Schlaepfer, for leading by example in following procedures in particular relation to goods returning to Perth. The Workshop Yardman really appreciates the efforts in following this procedure and you did it well. Thank you and we hope all field staff do the same, Well Done Dominic!!

Well Done to Will Kerr – Accountability & Performance Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Will Kerr, who has really stepped up as the HSEQ Team 2IC since being elevated into the role. Will has been throwing himself at learning the EOM Reporting process, manhour and frequency calculations and attending the Monthly Global HSEQ Committee calls. Will’s contributions also include regular feedback calls with the Field HSEQ Advisor’s and mentoring them through many of the training processes. Will has demonstrated solid leadership and a real endeavor in the role. Well Done Will. Your efforts are appreciated!!

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