Company Values Award – June 2022

Well Done to Bailey Hall – Innovation Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Bailey, his innovation in creating a device that is for a wireline cut out system was able to save the company over $7000. Well Done Bailey!!!

Well Done to Tom Burton – Innovation Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Tom Burton, for his innovative idea to create a tree for Dooga Day out of scrap materials. It was a great way to include the Workshop crew in our awareness campaign for mental health and suicide prevention and the finished product looks amazing. Well Done Tom!!!

Well Done to Skete Bennett – Accountability & Innovation Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Skete, who recently demonstrated company values including Accountability and Innovation when he recently designed and fabricated his unique rack design some are calling “Skete’s Steel Stacking System.” His safety innovation demonstrated ownership, creativity and problem solving in order to prevent his co-workers from being exposed to the hazards associated with various sharp, unstable and heavy steel off cuts. Left untreated these offcuts have the potential to fall and cut or crush people’s hands or fingers. This simple and effective design allows the Wangara crews to sort, stack and secure all the loose off cuts behind the guillotine. Well done Skeeter!!!

Well Done to Kieyll Norwood- Accountability, Innovation & Performance Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Kieyll, who recently went above and beyond in his role as a HSEQ Advisor by developing Google Sheet Hazard Registers that import data live from completed iAuditor Hazard Reports from all employees. The development of this register was both time consuming and displayed great commitment as much of it was done during his normal R&R period. The innovation that Kieyll has displayed has increased efficiency in the HSEQ Department for monthly reporting. This forward thinking and problem solving innovation that Kieyll has developed also allows greater visibility for supervisors, superintendents and managers over their respective teams completed hazards. This allows for real time trending, overview of participation rates and quality control of the hazard close outs. Well Done Kieyll. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!!

Well Done to Rig 13 Daniel Bonner, Kurt Hoffman and Matt Rice – Performance Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Rig 13, a geologist has provided feedback recently stating,  he hadn’t worked with McKay’s for a while and it was a pleasure to work with the Rig 13 crew. He was impressed from the start with the rig induction to the safety on the rig. He said the way they worked from sampling, rig setup and training the new starter. It all made the rig work like the clock work. The geologist was also impressed with how the crews keep the geologist informed of any issues on site from drilling, sampling and survey tools. Well Done Crew!!!

Special Acknowledgement –  Rig 18 crew were also praised as a great crew to work with by the geologist above.

Well Done to Travis Freestone – Performance Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Travis, his thoroughness prevented an incident from occurring showing how important it is check for hazards. Well Done Travis!!!

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