Company Values Award – March 2022

Well Done to Geoff Donatti – Performance Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Geoff Donatti with some positive recognition after he carried out a Workshop Induction with a member of staff. The member of staff provided feedback to the Management team that it was one of the best inductions. The enthusiasm and attention to detail was really appreciated, it is precisely the quality we are looking for. Well Done Geoff!!

Well Done to Kieyll Norwood & Eamon Lynch – Innovation & Accountability Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Kieyll Norwood and Eamon Lynch. They both jumped at the opportunity to co-project upgrades to the current Rig Registers. Both worked collaboratively with other team members to upgrade these and their actions displayed a great work ethic, accountability and innovation. Keep up the good Kieyll and Eamon!!

Well Done to Adrian D’Antuono & Christian De Paoli – People Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Adrian DÁntuono & Christian De Paoli for their recent hard work in assisting the Wangara Workshop with safe systems of work. Adrian and Christian demonstrated genuine care and concern to work with the crews in an approachable and helpful manner to ensure tasks were completed as safe as possible. Their ability to build relationships and assist people demonstrates a solid understanding of McKay Drilling’s value of People. Keep up the good work!!

Well Done to Rig 5 – Louis Du-Toit, Louis Holcoalbe-Edwards & Peter Ngbapai – Performance Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Rig 5 Crew. The crew on this rig had to carry out a repair. The repair was undertaken with the right approach, the crew didn’t rush and conducted it in a safe and time appropriate manner which required them to work back to ensure it was done right, the area was also clear and clean for the next crew. to carry out the repair they stopped the job and reassessed the JHA, added a hold point and updated the JHA. the Crew worked together and kept communicating with each other as the plan changed rapidly. It has been noticed on many occasions from LP and his team, they are always willing to stop the job when it changes and reassess. The client also mentioned when they came out to have a look, that it was a very detailed JHA and that they could see the team had all the controls in place. Well Done Rig 5!!

Well Done to Lisa Dean – Accountability Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Lisa Dean, since Lisa joined the Finance Team she has been proactive and worked extremely hard to learn not only her role but also payroll. Your efforts and your willingness to always assist others has been recognised and you are an asset to the team. Thank you Lisa and Well Done!!

Well Done to Ben Arends – Performance Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Ben Arends, recently he has gone well above his duties and has been backfilling a fitter role at both CB and RTIO. Ben has made himself and his knowledge available and has supported multiple rigs through the Newman yard in last few weeks whilst mobilising new clients. Great Work Ben, Much Appreciated!!

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