Company Values Award – May 2022

Well Done to Nicholas Thurston – Accountability Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Nicholas ‘Thirsty’ Thurston, recognised for being one of the only drillers to have worked consistently in the Perth Workshop on their rig (Rig 31) whilst in for rebuild. He has only had a handful of days off since the start of the year and has put in an outstanding effort assisting with the rebuild. At the drop of a hat he has also gone wherever management needed him to cover driller shortages and supervision, as he bounced around the state between multiple rigs and projects. Thirsty’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by McKay Management, or by our workshop team and contractors who constantly praise his commitment. Well done Thirsty!!

Well Done to Eamon Lynch – Accountability Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Eamon Lynch for the work he has done in his role as a HSEQ advisor. Eamon has really taken on the role well and is taken pride in his work in the field. We had a client safety dinner the other day to acknowledge RTIO LTI incident free for 8months. The client asked McKay to talk about what they had done in the last 8 months to keep there guys safe. Eamon stepped up and talked about the HandSafe program we have at McKay’s. It was mentioned by Rio Tinto Representative that they had a few people approach and say that Eamon’s speech was well executed and interactive. Eamon has also shown great leadership in the field from his field interaction with the crew and shows great pride in all the work he does. Also helping out when we are short supervisors or crew. Well Done Eamon, Great Work!!

Well Done to Ashleigh Dunning- Performance Award 

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Ashleigh Dunning. Since Ashleigh started with McKay’s she has worked in stores as a pick up driver, in the workshop as a Trade Assistant, and now that she has got her HR license she is working as a Utility Worker with the crew on Rig 31. She has done every task without hesitation and always jumps in to help out where she can. All credit to her for doing an excellent job and always having a smile. Well done Ashleigh!!

Well Done to LP Du Toit – People Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise LP Du Toit,  for his trouble shooting efforts when Rig 5 were having issues was good to see him attempting to try nut the problem out by checking over regulations etc. while other drillers might put it down to other things. Well done to LP!! 

Special Acknowledgement –  To Senior Offsiders that have taken the new starters under there wing and training them properly, it has been a pleasure watching this space and getting good feedback from the new team members on how much they are learning out there. Well Done to you all. – From Nathan Etherton (Field Drilling Supervisor)

Well Done to Rick Swan – Innovation Award  

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Rick Swan. Referred to ‘as the stand out on my site’ by a colleague, he goes above and beyond. He helped keep equipment operating and is a safety rep for McKay’s, doing a 3 day scrubbing course so he could lead the stretching for the RTIO site at Hope 4. Ricky has received very positive feedback from multiple Rio Tinto Managers during a quarterly review meeting. They were very impressed with Ricky’s level of engagement and contribution during the meeting. Ricky is another employee who seems to put 100% into all aspects of his role. Its great to receive feedback from Rio Tinto that he represented the company so well and stood out against our competitors safety reps during the meeting. Well Done Rick!!

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