Company Values Award – October 2023

Well Done to Luke Montgomerie – Accountability Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Luke Montgomerie for recognising and contributing to weekly inspection improvements. Our equipment maintenance is an integral part of our performance and success. Luke has demonstrated his commitment to being an accountable team member. Well Done Luke!!

Well Done to Rig 1 Crew – Performance Award

Casey McKay, Jack Kelly, Morgan Tovar Sheridan, Daniel Williams, Ray Arnold & Jyron Everett

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise the Rig 1 Crew for displaying exceptional proactiveness, knowledge and understanding of tasks required. New team members have been trained to an impressive standard. The crew seek feedback regularly in relation to SOP’s, JHA’s in efforts to enhance their quality and ensure compliance. Well Done Rig 1 Crew!!

Well Done to Kieyll Norwood – Accountability and People Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Kieyll Norwood for consistently assisting the crews with all safety concerns and being proactive in ensuring all equipment inspections have been carried out within required timeframes to a high standard. Kieyll has great initiative, even spending time creating permanent tags for employees in his own time. His crew member injury management assistance is second to none. Thank you, your efforts are appreciated. Well Done Kieyll!!

Well Done to James Robertson- Innovation Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise James Robertson for recognising a hazard that potentially exposed people to an open edge on the back of a truck. James innovative solution to weld lugs on a safety gate will prevent harm to others. Great work Jimmy!!

Well Done to Ben Ducat – Performance Award

McKay Drilling Management would like to recognise Ben Ducat, our client has been very impressed by the huge improvement in permit compliance and JHA quality and a lot of that can be attributed to the hard work of Ben Ducat auditing JHA’s and Permits. Ben has also dedicated a heap of his time to upskilling the MKY supervisors on the expectations surrounding JHA standards and processes. Ben has been dedicating a great deal of time to conducting joint field leadership with client representatives and in doing so is demonstrating all the terrific proactive safety measures McKay Drilling has been committed to promoting. Ben’s commitment and performance is appreciated and it does not go unnoticed mate. Keep up the good work. Well Done Ben!!

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