Employee of the Year Awards for 2022

Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2022 Employee of the Year Awards. All chosen by their peers for exceeding the standards set within your roles.

Diamond Offsider awarded to Matt Boisvert

Comments from his peers: True Diamond Offsider”. “Matt, goes over and above for the company”. “Good Worker”

RC Offsider awarded to Sage Whitworth

Comments from her peers: “I have never met any trainee driller that knows every SOP off by heart and the whole process as if her brain is the laptop.” “Such a pleasure to work with”. “Head and shoulders above all others. Does a great job, gets great feed back from client”. “Very knowledgeable, contributes a lot, and starting driller training”

Relief Driller awarded to Kurt Elefsen

Comments from his peers: “Kurt was on a pilot hydraulic rig the whole time and got thrown in in the deep end with an iRig and not once would you hear him complain or say he does not like it, he held his head high and did what needed to be done. He always helps his team, he cannot just stand there and drill. He is one of the most respectful people I have met, he leads by example and never asks anyone to do anything he will not do himself and that’s while drilling. Just a true great soul”.

RC Driller awarded to Sam Phan

Comments from his peers: “Always calm and collective, while achieving high standards and work ethic”. “Organised and consistent. trains his guys well”.

Diamond Driller awarded to Carrington O’Carroll

Comments from his peers: “Well deserved as recognised regularly throughout the year for his great work ethic and performance”.

Supervisor awarded to both Rick Bartle & James Hedison

Comments from Rick Bartle’s peers: “Gets the job done, goes above and beyond on a regular basis”. “Always helps out when he can”.

Comments from James Hedison’s peers: “When I come to him with issues, he is always enthusiastic to help. Always checks in with staff and is very knowledgeable about the job”.

Field Support awarded to Jake McKay

Comments from his peers: “Jake has got to be one of the most smartest self learning guys I have ever met. He is always willing to help even if he is half way through a salad wrap he will be there and fix the issue. If not, he takes it upon himself to do the research in his own time to make sure the job is done as quick as possible but buy the book and properly. One of McKay’s most valuable employee if I’m concerned”. “Very knowledgeable and never too busy to help out”.

Perth Support awarded to Sherie Kumhuaybong

Comments from her peers: “Sherie sorts my life out for me”. “Awesome job”. “Sherie is a weapon. She’s extremely efficient, a fast responder and handles everything that’s thrown her way. Great sense of humour, excellent work ethic and a great addition to McKays”.

Workshop awarded to Chris Klinger

Comments from his peers: “Chris and his time on the rig 003 and always been available to help out with it”. “For sharing information and enlightening the work place”.

Apprentice awarded to Ockie Fourie

Comments from his peers: “Taught me a lot when he came out to the field. Was always willing to have a chat and give you a hand with something mechanical you had been struggling with”. “The most nicest kind soul you will ever meet, always willing to help where he can”. “Great communicator, always does a thorough job”.

Administration awarded to Karen Baker

Comments from her peers: “Always happy to help”. “Very quick to respond and vigilant”. “I have dealt with Karen the most out of the Administration team and she has always been quick to reply to any of my emails or queries. Thank you Karen”. “Quick to help and kind”. “Efficient”.

Special mention to many other employees who received great feedback from their peers. Communication will be sent out via email to recognise each of you.

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