First female in McKay Drilling to achieve a Certificate III in Drilling Operations (RC)

Congratulations Sage Whitworth on this major accomplishment and milestone in McKay Drilling’s history.

Pictured: Sage Whitworth

From her first day in November 2020, Sage has hit the ground running with an incredible determination to succeed in this industry. Sage began 2023 with a great start where she was voted by her peers and received RC Offsider of the Year 2022. Sage is the first female to be recognised in this category. 

So it is not surprising that she continued to apply herself and has now become the first female in McKay Drilling to achieve a Certificate III in Drilling Operations in the RC discipline. 

Sage’s reaction to this accomplishment:

“I was really stoked when I found out I had achieved my Cert III in RC drilling because it’s something I’ve really been trying hard to work towards. It honestly excites me to know that the effort I’m putting in is paying off”

“I’m a very quiet achiever, I like to hang around in the background as much as possible. I can’t say I’ve told anyone except Tyson and my Mum. But I mean they were really proud because they knew how much I’d been working towards it”

” The surprise itself was receiving the certificate already. I completed all the theory back in September but needed to get up and drilling to fulfill the requirements of the Cert and I honestly thought I’d be waiting a few more months. But overall it’s been a great experience, everyone’s been supportive and helpful where needed”

Sage also finds time to volunteer as a McKay Mates Peer Supporter where she is a valued member of the program. Her eagerness to absorb knowledge, her patience with people, empowering others with confidence, training, guidance and her ability to listen and genuinely care are all characteristics that her peers recognise within her and respect.  

McKay Drilling are proud to be a part of Sage’s journey and greatly value her efforts. Well Done Sage!!

Sage recently shared her journey with Major Drilling for International Women’s Day, the feature article celebrates a number of amazing women achieving great things in the mining industry.

Major Drilling Celebrates Importance of Women in Mining

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