International Women’s Day @ McKay Drilling

This years International Women’s Day theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. 

As McKay Drilling recently achieved a significant milestone having its First All Female RC Rig Crew, it was a great time to celebrate this and many more achievements along the way that show McKay Drilling’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

The timeline pictured below is a true reflection of our journey as women continue to show an interest in the drilling industry we continue to see a growth of women represented in our field roles. 

A recent FMG #Countherin Viva Engage campaign ran internally within FMG received many contributions. We were thrilled, as a long term partner of FMG, to have the ‘First All Female RC Rig Crew’ submitted for entry into the campaign as a post and to learn it received the most engagement by FMG employees. The award and recognition highlights the successful partnership between McKay Drilling and Fortescue, symbolizing our shared commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our workshop and office came together on the 8th March to pause for the occasion and across our sites discussions were had recognising everyone’s positive contribution to improving gender equality in our workplace. Thank you to all our employees for sharing our values. 

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Image: Casey Roycroft (Drillers Assistant 1); Sage Whitworth (Relief RC Driller) and Keala Veale (Utility Worker) on Rig 3 at FMG Eliwana in January 2024. McKay Drilling’s First All Female RC Crew.

Image: Wangara Workshop held an International Women’s Day Lunch. Aaron Earl, General Manager presented the ‘Inspire Inclusion’ timeline (March 2024)

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