Maintenance Workshop Team Day 2023

On Friday 17th March 2023, the Workshop Team headed out for a well deserved day of rest and recreation, celebrating achievements by all following a another very busy Christmas period. Last year’s Workshop Team Day at Hi Voltage in Belmont was such a success the team headed back there for another year of fierce competition had on the go-kart racecourse.

The team were treated to lunch at On the Point, Long Neck Brewery.

Maintenance Workshop team would just like to thank Aaron, Chad and Rob for a great day out which was enjoyed by all. Special Thanks to Megan Colameo for organising the day.

To the incredible Workshop Team, your hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed throughout the year and McKay Management appreciate the work you do. Thanks again Maintenance Workshop!

Image: Group Photo
Image: Workshop Team enjoying a well earned day out

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