McKay Drilling’s First Ever All Female RC Rig Crew

McKay Drilling are proud to announce a milestone within our company…


With more women showing an interest in working in trades, mining and drilling disciplines, it has provided McKay Drilling the opportunity to have more women employed then ever before into our drilling positions. 

It was only a matter of time we would achieve an all female crew, with Sage Whitworth becoming our first female RC Trainee Driller in May 2023. In August 2020, Mel Anderson was McKay Drilling’s first female Diamond Relief Driller. Mel and Sage have set the standard high in working towards their drilling disciplines within 12-24 months from their very first day and we are certain they have been an inspiration to many women who have embarked on a career in the drilling industry since. 

Sage Whitworth started her drilling career in 2020 as a very green Utility Worker, her eagerness to learn and her incredible work ethic has seen her achieve her goals and progress. Sage is seen below with her supporting female crew – Casey Roycroft and Keala Veale.

McKay Drilling ensure all our employees are given the same training opportunities with all Drillers Assistants commencing a Certificate II in Drilling and a further opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Drilling (specific drilling discipline).

Casey Roycroft is a Drillers Assistant 1 working towards her Certificate II in Drilling and Keala Veale is currently a Utility Worker. Like Sage, both have never worked in the industry prior to commencing with McKay Drilling.

It is a really exciting time to join our workforce with the industry as a whole recognising the importance of having a strong diverse workforce that challenges the ideologies of the past.  

Sage, Cas and Keala’s valuable contribution is showing how McKay Drilling is fast adapting and developing into the inclusion of women as talented and capable operations employees for a more diverse future. 

Images: Casey Roycroft (Drillers Assistant 1); Sage Whitworth (Relief RC Driller) and Keala Veale (Utility Worker) on Rig 3 at FMG Eliwana in January 2024.

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