McKay Mates Peer Support Team Day

In February, our McKay Mates Peer Supporters came together for a team building day at MANIAX Axe Throwing. With our team based in different locations, getting to know one another was the objective of the day and it was a lot of fun!

McKay Drilling recognises our industry is unique in that majority of our employees spend more time with their peers than their own family. Peers know better than anyone else the challenges and pressures that their workmates face every day. Peers are also in a great position to notice changes in their workmates.

Our McKay Mates Program provides an opportunity for employees to volunteer to become a McKay Mates Peer Supporter. Training and support is provided to ensure they are equipped with the right tools to support a colleague. For an employee seeking support, the program identifies who they can speak to and know what is shared is safe and confidential.

Congratulations to our axe-throwing champion Brett Atkinson and runner up, James Bryce. Thank you to all our McKay Mates who have volunteered to participate in this program and be open to supporting those around them, McKay Drilling appreciate your commitment and support.

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