McKay Mates Team Building 2024

Established in 2022, McKay Mates is our internal Peer Support Program and recognises training volunteers who are within the organisation to provide their work mates and colleagues who are affected by stress with additional support.

Over the last few weeks in March, the McKay Mates team have gathered over two sessions and split into two groups for a training and team building experience. 

Mates in Mining, a not for profit organisation that delivers mental health support and training directly related to suicide prevention, have been working closely with McKay Drilling. Our McKay Mates were trained and refreshed in their skills through the Mates in Mining Connector module. 

McKay Mates enjoyed a fun activity afternoon, coming together to get to know one another whilst racing at speed in an electric powered go kart. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to create bonds and friendships. It was great to have Leon and Steven from Mates in Mining also join the team at Powerplay. 

We would just like to take the opportunity to say Thank You to our McKay Mates volunteers, we would not have a Peer Support Program without you putting your hand up to participate in the program and thus many of our work mates and colleagues may never be connected to support they may desperately need. Everyone is doing a great job and working together to remove the stigma around talking about mental health. We have come a long way and we will continue to be proactive in this space. 

Please click on the link the learn more about the support and training services Mates in Mining provide:

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