Our Peer Support Program has officially launched, we have successfully completed recruitment and training to begin providing this service to all our employees.

Peer Supporters will be sporting a slightly different McKay Drilling uniform to help identify them easily.

Your McKay Mates are there for you, a completely CONFIDENTIAL space to support you through anything you wish to share.

The program is coordinated by Rebecca Hotchin – HSEQ Wellbeing Administrator and all Peer Supporters are volunteering their time as they recognise the importance of having a mate to talk to.

If you are interested in becoming a McKay Drilling Peer Supporter please contact for more information.

What is a peer support?
Peer support is the use of volunteers from the organisation, trained in appropriate methods of assisting those in their team or work area, who are affected by stress.
Peer supporters are trained in the methods of providing support to work mates and colleagues under stress. They do this by using a process called “stress defusing” on a one-to-one basis and providing information which assists the individual’s coping process. Peer supporters also provide referrals and encourage others to get appropriate assistance. As the name suggests, the peer supporter provides “support” only and does not become a counsellor, or take on any other role for which they are not trained or qualified.

Please welcome and congratulate your McKay Mates:

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