Progression Series: Meet Carrington O’Carroll

Welcome to our Progression Series, if you are keen to explore and progress within McKay Drilling then we hope this series assists you pave the path to success. Here we learn and share experiences from our employees;

Meet Carrington O’Carroll, Diamond Driller who took a chance on the drilling industry and it has paid off for him;

The 19th June 2022, marked my 5 year anniversary with McKay Drilling.

Here’s a little bit about me. I was born and raised in a little North Island coastal town of New Zealand called Waitara. Waitara, is a small town and after High School, the local University (also known as Meatworks) was unfortunately closing down so I pursued my childhood dreams of driving trucks. 5 years for one company and 16 1/2 years with another before we made the big decision to pack up and move to Perth.

How I found out about drilling was actually through my wife, she rang me and told me about this post on a Facebook page called ‘Kiwis looking for work in Perth’ that Aaryn Kaia posted. The post read ”Reputable drilling company, McKay Drilling hiring Drillers Offsiders with no experience needed, HR required”. My reply to that was “I know nothing about drilling but sounds cool” (LOL) so from then on my journey in drilling began.

From the time I first got to the airport for my 1st swing to now, I’ve learnt so much about the industry and still learning to this day.

I would like to thank all those (Boomer and Dane Hunt to name a couple) who have taught, trained, mentored and given me the opportunities to get as far as I am today. Advice I’d give to anyone who is looking into drilling as a career:

  • come in with an open mind,
  • have the willingness to learn,
  • always think safety, and
  • give it 110% as the rewards will be great

I really want to thank the McKay team for the last 5 years. They have always supported me personally and professionally, this is one of the many reasons why my loyalties will always be with McKay Drilling, so hopefully I’ll be giving an update in another 5 years.

Well Stay Safe All and Thank you.

Carrington O’Carroll

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